What Script Pimp says:

"HOUSE OF MIRRORS is a very strong horror/thriller script. The characters are likable, the scares frequent, and the concept is interesting and original. The dialogue is especially strong. Each character has his or her specific "voice." There are occasional barbs and witticisms that fit the characters and situations. Altogether, this is an absorbing and accomplished piece of work, "
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The Goths
- Supernatural/Thriller/Romance

When a runaway teen follows a strangely handsome street punk to an underground rave club, she stumbles into an ancient race of succubus demons known only as The Goths who drain the life essence of wayward teens. Can she trust the handsome street punk with her love? Can she trust him with her life?
A Demon Scorned
- Horror/Thriller/Romance

Ghost meets Fatal Attraction. A guilt ridden man is convinced he can bring his dead fiancée back to life if he kills someone on the exact spot of her death as the last ray of sunlight fades, but when he abandons the plan he learns hell hath no fury like a demon scorned.
The 13th Reflection

When her daughter vanishes a single mother must unravel a new urban myth, "Face two mirrors to create endless reflections, look to the smallest reflection and you might catch a glimpse of heaven, but touch the 13th reflection and you open a gate to hell."
The House of Mirrors
- the first installment of the award winning horror/thriller trilogy "The 13th Reflection."
Action Comedy
Hoping to satisfy his caffeine addiction a nameless man enters a diner and finds himself between armed robbers and the cash register. In the following melee the robbers take from him an urn that contains the remains of his grandfather. But he's no ordinary guy, this guy as skills. He's actually an ex CIA assassin who has recently become a Buddhist pacifist. Now he must run the gauntlet between two feuding gangs while keeping his oath and return his grandfather's remains to gain acceptance by his estranged family.
A screenwriter initiates a lured affair with his sexy new writing partner. They write what they know using his wife as a model for one of their victims. But when he finds his wife dead by the methods described in their script he becomes convinced this was not a strange coincidence but a case of deadly collaboration.

Sarah has made it through her first month interning for the hard hitting reporter Alana Torres, everything is looking up until a scruffy homeless man tells her he witnessed a man murder his wife. The problem is Sarah's boss has been hailing this same man as a hero who killed two of the three muggers trying desperately to save his wife. Now Sarah must trust a haunted homeless man's street skills to find the third mugger to get to the truth.
Fortune's Warriors
1 Hour TV Drama
Dive into the little known world of corporate private military when a young American woman takes over an overworked corporate security unit for a satellite company rebuilding the infrastructure in Iraq. When a poor Iraqi family gets caught between a crime lord and the need to put food on the table they become unwitting accomplices to the kidnapping of an American. The three groups will collide.
What Script Pimp says:

"The story has a very creepy feel that brings to mind the recent trend of Japanese Horror." "The varied characters and resulting humor work well alongside some great creepy moments. The premise of The 13th Reflection is innovative and eerie."
The Dead Eaters

When a disabled girl and her Emo friends party in the wilderness, they become the prey of freak show cannibals with an extreme case of the munchies. The Hills Have Eyes meets The 13th Warrior.
Action/Martial Arts
Starring Robin Shou

Jack Lam goes rogue when his partner is killed in Thailand. Jack discovers drug dealers are killing tourists and using their bodies to smuggle drugs into the USA.
Craig Lew
writer, author, animator, filmmaker
Craig Lew
writer, author, animator, filmmaker