Craig's ancestors came to the US in the late 1800s.

Lew Kan, Craig's Great Grandfather on his mother's side was known for his weath and his size. At 6 foot 2 and well over 220 pounds, he is rumored to be the inspiration of the Mortal Kombat character of the same name. The photo to the right is displayed in the San Francisco museum of Cultural History. It shows Lew Kan with his twin sons shortly after the turn of the century.

Lew Yuen was Craig's Grandfather on his father's side. He ran the gambling and speakeasies in Fresno during prohibition. Lew Yuen was almost 50 years old when with his 3rd wife Lena they began their family that grew to ten children .

Their youngest Allison was meant to be named Ellison but Lena's Chinese accent caused a spelling error on his birth certificate. Needless to say, "Big Al" grew up a toughie. But similar to the Corleone story, Allison refused to go into his father's business. Upon his honorable discharge from the Navy, Al got a job as an engineer in the California State Division of Highways.
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At that time, the extremely thick Tule fog in the San Joaquin Valley was to blame for an increasing amount of traffic accidents. Al helped to test what we now know as lane delineators or those annoying bumps in the road. It was around that time Al and his wife Barbara had their fourth child Craig. Even though Al's Engineering career was going well, Craig's father was concerned he would have enough money to send all of his four children to college.

A few years after Craig was born "Big Al" opened Loy Loy restaurant. Although not the first Chinese restaurant to deliver food straight to your door, it was the first to deliver food in trademark bright red mustang coupes.
By 16, Craig was managing the first of his father's more than 6 restaurants. At this point Al was sure he could leave his engineering career behind and yet afford to send all his children to college.

Once called the McDonalds of Chinese food, Loy Loy Restaurants was a staple in the Fresno area for over 45 years.
Allison continued working 9-5 as an engineer and 6-11 as a restaurateur for more than seven years.

So to be with his father, Craig began spending his nights "working" with his father.

At the age of eight, Craig began working as the Maitre D. Seating people and busing tables made for good tips.
Craig Lew
writer, author, animator, filmmaker
Craig Lew
writer, author, animator, filmmaker