I am a native Californian and fourth generation American. A turn of the century photo of my great grandfather and his twin sons hangs in the San Francisco Museum of Cultural History.

I was raised in Fresno, California, the grandson of a mafia gang leader and the youngest son of a WWII Navy Engineer turned restauranteur.

I rode my first horse at four, but didn't learn to ride a bicycle until almost seven.

At sixteen, I was an Olympic hopeful in cycling, years before any American ever won the Tour De France. I'm used to the long hard training grind, but only to be there at the end of the race for a chance to win.

At eighteen, I helped manage six restaurants when my father took ill.

I've been behind the scenes of many headlines: Michael Milken's Junk Bonds, the fall of the Savings and Loan Industry, the explosion of the Internet, the birth of the original DREAMWORKS SKG and the opening of the New Getty Center in Los Angeles.

I'm a thinker, a doer and I cut to the chase. I've always strived to make the people with whom I've worked exceed expectations. I like 14 hour work days, seven days a week.

I am a storyteller, an artist and an entrepreneur.

I'm comfortable flying without a net but always work towards security.

I want to inspire, add to pop culture's vocabulary while securing financial success. I try to push the edges of the envelope with hopes to make more room in the middle.

I am Craig Lew.
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Craig Lew
writer, author, animator, filmmaker
Craig Lew
writer, author, animator, filmmaker