Craig Lew

writer, author, animator, director, producer


Craig’s always been a storyteller. “I didn’t draw on the wall in crayon” was one of his first tales.

Although Craig studied Children’s Literature at UCLA, life guided him into a career in business. Craig established a successful consulting firm and worked with PBS, KCET, Deluxe Labs, ITC, Modern VideoFilm and was consulting CIO at the Getty Center.

Consulting kept his mind busy but it didn’t stir his soul.

Working with his client Dreamworks SKG was a turning point. Being surrounded by creatives lit Craig’s creative fire. He went on to write more than a dozen films, direct eleven and produce thirteen productions.

Reading the book CRANK sparked Craig’s journey to connect with the author, agent and editor involved with the publication of this moving novel in free verse. Serendipity stepped in and a short time later Craig was invited into the SCBWI writer’s mentorship program run by the author of CRANK, Ellen Hopkins.

Craig spent months delving into the psyche of the man who rose above his past abuse to become a healer. Breath to Breath showed Craig how words can heal.
Craig enjoys weaving strong female heroes, diverse characters, and sympathetic villains into the fabric of strange new worlds. From these worlds come compassionate, enlightened, and empowering stories.

Craig has won numerous awards for his writing and his films:

Surviving Ciera a YA novel in free verse won Best Drama - Launch Pad Prose Competition & Coverfly's Red List

Blade Maiden and the Platinum Assassin won Best Action Screenplay - Los Angeles Film Awards. The YA Novel MS made Coverfly's Red List.

Destiny's Station won Best Animation - Vegas Movie Awards & Europe Film Festival U.K.
Nominated for Best Animation - Seattle Film Festival & Reale Film Festival.

Heinous Fly Trap won Best Animation - Lulea International Film Festival Nominated for Best Animation - Los Angeles Film Awards

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